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​About Mekong

Mekong Microinsurance Company received a license from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, registered No. 561, dated November 2, 2015, and a permanent license for micro-insurance business No. 035, dated 16th. June 2021. Mekong Company has a distribution network almost all over the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Questions & Answers

The use of insurance services is very useful for managing and reducing the risk of financial problems in daily life, especially when there is any risk of accident, such as traffic accidents or other unforeseen accidents.
Once the team has received all the documents, you have to wait at most 7 days.
The procedure for filing a claim is very easy, you can fill out a claim form on our website or contact the Claims Officer at 023 215 208/010 333 924 every day.
It is very convenient, you just have to have ID such as ID card, birth certificate, family book, residence book, passport or other valuable documents and come to Mekong Micro Insurance Company or contact our team number to visit Yours.
Mekong Microinsurance will pay compensation to the beneficiary or legal heirs.
Mekong Microinsurance is committed to resolving all claims effectively, fairly and expeditiously, especially for only 200 Riels per day, but receiving up to 20,000,000 Riels.

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parents, and teachers at Por Reach Secondary School


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